If you have a leaky basement in St. Louis, MO, then you need to get in touch with our professional basement waterproofing company. We have truly seen it all when it comes to wet basements, and we are looking forward to helping you get your basement problem taken care of quickly, and for a price you can afford! As a homeowner, we know that you likely have a lot to worry about day in and day out, and your basement should not be one of these things. With our help, you can have the dry, safe, and healthy basement that you have always wanted!

We service the entire metro area, including: St. Charles, St. Peters, Wentzville, O’Fallon, Chesterfield, Ballwin, Cottleville, Eureka, West County, and North County.

How Does Water Get in My Basement?

We get a lot of phone calls and e-mails from concerned St. Louis area homeowners who want to know how water gets into their basement to begin with. Most often, we see water getting into basements in the following ways:

Through leaking window wells Over the top of the foundation Through wall and floor cracks Through the basement cove (where the wall meets the floor)

Regardless of how water is able to get inside, we guarantee that we will track it at its source and put a stop to it once and for all so you never again need to worry about having a wet basement!

Basement Waterproofing Systems for St. Louis

We have a variety of basement waterproofing systems that we can install in St. Louis area homes. We will first need to determine how water is getting inside, and then we will be able to figure out the best way to put a stop to it. We can install basement drains, dehumidifiers for humidity control, sump pumps, backup sump pumps, and more. We guarantee that when we leave your home, you will have a dry basement that you can use for storage, or you could even choose to get it finished!

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